Madonna University Athletic Staff
Bryan Rizzo ImageBryan RizzoAthletic Director[email protected](734) 432-5604
Noel Emenhiser ImageNoel EmenhiserAssistant Athletic Director[email protected](734) 432-5610
Tim JohnstonDirector of Sports Information[email protected](734) 432-5834
Mike Meldrum ImageMike MeldrumFaculty Athletic Representative[email protected]
Etta Barbee ImageEtta BarbeeAdminstrative Assistant[email protected](734) 432-5608
Amanda Straub ImageAmanda StraubAdmissions Department Liaison[email protected](734) 432-5339
Fax Number(734) 432-5611
Athletic Trainers
Beth Hubbard ImageBeth HubbardAthletic Trainer[email protected](734) 432-5605
Greg Haeger ImageGreg HaegerHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5609
Mike George ImageMike GeorgeAssistant Coach
Stu Rose ImageStu RoseAssistant Coach
Mark Henkel ImageMark HenkelAssistant Coach
Men's Basketball
Noel Emenhiser ImageNoel EmenhiserHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5591
Adam Kerfoot ImageAdam KerfootAssociate Head Coach[email protected](734) 432-5591
Bernie Holowicki ImageBernie HolowickiAssistant Coach
Ryan Carthage ImageRyan CarthageAssistant Coach
Men's Cross Country
Patrick Daugherty ImagePatrick DaughertyHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5634
Nick Allen ImageNick AllenAssistant Coach[email protected](734) 432-5634
Women's Basketball
Carl Graves ImageCarl GravesHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5606
Jamey Petree ImageJamey PetreeAssistant Coach
Heather Pratt ImageHeather PrattAssistant Coach
Bryan Bressler ImageBryan BresslerHead Coach[email protected]
Women's Cross Country
Patrick Daugherty ImagePatrick DaughertyHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5634
Molly Jarvis ImageMolly JarvisAssistant Coach
Men's Golf
Steve Mato ImageSteve MatoHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5835
Tommy Lucko ImageTommy LuckoAssistant Coach[email protected](734) 432-5835
Women's Golf
Scott Marzolino ImageScott MarzolinoHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5670
Nick Sears ImageNick SearsAssistant Coach[email protected](734) 432-5670
Men's Soccer
Mark Zathey ImageMark ZatheyHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5607
Eric Rudland ImageEric RudlandAssistant Coach
Cayle Lackten ImageCayle LacktenAssistant Coach
Adam Kuhn ImageAdam KuhnAssistant Coach
Thabiso Khumalo ImageThabiso KhumaloAssistant Coach
Women's Soccer
Jeff Hodgson ImageJeff HodgsonHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5882
Gary Maccagnone ImageGary MaccagnoneAssistant Coach
Jerry  Abraham ImageJerry AbrahamHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5612
Shawn Hopper ImageShawn HopperAssistant Coach
Mike Baum ImageMike BaumAssistant Coach
Terry Abraham ImageTerry AbrahamAssistant Coach
Kary Couchman ImageKary CouchmanAssistant Coach
Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field
Chinney McGee ImageChinney McGeeAssistant Coach
Patrick Daugherty ImagePatrick DaughertyHead Track & Field Coach[email protected](734) 432-5634
Jerry Abraham ImageJerry AbrahamHead Coach[email protected](734) 432-5612
Tim DeBeliso ImageTim DeBelisoAssistant Coach
Brian McClain ImageBrian McClainAssistant Coach[email protected]
Amanda Koszela ImageAmanda KoszelaAssistant Coach
Maureen Stoecklein ImageMaureen StoeckleinAssistant Coach
Men's Lacrosse
Mike Walter ImageMike WalterHead Coach[email protected]703-282-3861
Women's Lacrosse
Dan Teskey ImageDan TeskeyHead Coach[email protected]248-762-6314