Alli Cradit (right) over a minute off of her time from MU's last race with a 21:08 over the 5k course at Calvin.
Kim Ader (left) and Brittany Slinker helped the MU women's cross country team to an eighth place finish at Cass Benton Park.
8 | 05 | 14 - M/W Cross Country
The Crusaders are slated to run in five regular season events prior to the annual league championships on Nov. 8 in Grand Rapids.
This is part two of a 10-part series, highlighting some of the best moments that took place in 2013-14 in Madonna Athletics.
11 | 24 | 13 - M/W Cross Country
Kayla Daugherty, Nathaniel Theobald and Bianca Kubicki (L-R) were named as Scholar-Athletes by the NAIA.